Changes to the Portuguese “Nationality Law”2024 Portugese nationality just in 5 years

With the aim of responding to contemporary challenges, Portugal approved important changes to the “Nationality Law” on 5 January 2024. One of the most important changes is the new way of counting the five years required to obtain nationality, which will now take into account the date of the application for residence.

Contrary to expectations, the naturalisation regime for descendants of Sephardic Jews has been maintained, but with significant adjustments to the eligibility criteria.

We’re excited to announce that the President of the Portuguese Republic has officially approved an amendment to the citizenship law, bringing about significant changes to how residency time is calculated for citizenship eligibility.

Moving forward, in March/April applicants will begin accruing their required five years of residency from the day their application is submitted, rather than waiting until their residence permit is granted. This adjustment streamlines the citizenship process, offering a more efficient pathway for those seeking citizenship.

A new law got fully approved regarding the requirement of 5 years residency to be in title to apply for the Portuguese Citizenship ,it is counting now from the day of the application of the manifestation of interest.

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